—  The Insomniac's Wife —

The Insomniac's Wife, A Lullaby is in process.


The Insomniac’s Wife is a book length lyric essay, fragmented like the shattered nature of an insomniac’s sleep. While the CDC estimates that 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, the position of the insomniac in society remains one of isolation. The manuscript depicts my husband’s  insomnia, exploring the ways our marriage struggled to keep time with his circadian rhythms. Braiding personal anecdote with research, weighing the science of sleep against the experience of it, merging dreams with reality, meshing story with fact, the book expresses, explores, and empathizes with the experience of insomnia. The Insomniac’s Wife addresses the many causes and proffered cures for the condition, ultimately offering itself as antidote: a bedtime story to make the listener feel a little less alone.

An excerpt from The Insomniac’s Wife is forthcoming in Harvard Review and was named as a finalist for the New Letters Conger Beasley Jr Award for Nonfiction.